Hey everyone! I’m Dhruv, one of the co-founders of...
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Hey everyone! I’m Dhruv, one of the co-founders of Create (https://create.xyz/) We’re hiring another founding engineer, based in SF, and are looking for someone with deep platform eng experience. We raised a $3m seed round backed by Uncork to build an LLM agent powered developer team that goes from product description to full code product in minutes. Beyond the AI, the next hardest challenge is deploying hundreds of production web apps automatically and empowering our growing developer marketplace to manage them. Feel free to DM or apply directly: founding eng - https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/create/6a7f1c67-92b6-4211-8603-99ce2f5702c2 more on create - https://medium.com/uncorkcapital/create-empowering-everyone-to-build-the-software-they-want-4c74dfb2007c