Hey everyone, in need of help here. So r/DevOps i...
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Hey everyone, in need of help here. So r/DevOps is kind of dead right now. It was a great space for keeping up with things and learning about stuff and new tools. Plus memes. 😁 Are there other spaces people are using for the same kind of thing? I need my r/DevOps fix (in addition to platform engineering, of course! 😉).
p.s. is this quest hopeless? Has Huffman just destroyed something beautiful forever?
This looks like the up-and-coming replacement. Maybe create a DevOps community here https://programming.dev/communities
The google trend for "lemmy" over the last 30 days
@Arran Smith Thanks! I wasn't reckoning on building it myself though. 😂 Actual work? Pfffffffttt. (Ok. Maybe. Will think about it. Probably outside my skillset though.)
programming.dev is something that I stumbled across recently too after I chose to leave Reddit last month.
Thanks @Ryan Parman 🙂