Hi :wave: to all!! Please any person with a lot o...
# general
Hi 👋 to all!! Please any person with a lot of knowledge about implementation of plugins in Backstage. It’s only for questions related to development for a specialized feature.
Hi @Carlos Romero 👋 I’m not super familiar yet with Backstage (couple days ago I’ve read their plugin documentation). However, I’m experienced in development and I can maybe help. What are your questions?
My friend does plugin development for backstage. I can connect with him if you are interested
Hi 👋 thanks for your response.
My requests it’s only to understand possibilities to create a Backstage plugin to update the catalog when the repository have changes. This changes could be sent with a webhook so in this case Backstage get this events from a queue to maintain more reliability integration.
Curious about your experience @Carlos Romero because my team had difficulties with making plugins because backstage is strongly opinionated.
Hi Saad, yes no problem. I will try to develop a plugin that I did comment and after that could I explain thw development processe.