Hi, I want to understand/get help from you guys ab...
# platform-blueprints
Hi, I want to understand/get help from you guys about how are you solving for custom metrics like time series business metrics. Currently we are doing this via prometheus but performance is getting bottlenecked due to high cardinality So we decided to explore other options like VictoriaMetrics, Clickhouse, DataBend, Doris etc For victoriaMetrics and prometheus, I need to have a flink job to do aggregation but clickhouse can do this aggregation in itself. I did the POC using Clickhouse was able to get around ~100qps on 1shard 2 replicas cluster. But for Clickhouse, end user will have to use clickhouse sql and need to migrate all existing dashboards as well. Also if in future we decided to move to a new platform, we will have to again to the migration How are you solving/solved this in our org?