Most of the time, I see an over-emphasis from plat...
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Most of the time, I see an over-emphasis from platform teams on the bottom right of this chart. For better, or for worse, as engineers we can get excited about the solutions that we’re shipping, and forget to gather feedback. In addition, I also see a lot of teams forget that platform exists to serve the business, so getting leadership, or business-level feedback is also super important. I also think that leadership buy in shouldn’t be left to the VP’s or platform leadership, but ideally that context is shared also with the team about how leadership perceives the platform team, and how the team can better “market” their work to the business to showcase outcomes. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Where does your team put most of it’s emphasis?
Absolutely. It’s like any business; at the end of the day, Platform is there to deliver business outcomes, and the ability to tie Platform’s output to business outcomes is where you win or slowly perish. Anyone struggling with it should ask point-blank to VPs / senior leadership on how they perceive platform teams and what more teams can do to showcase the value to the business.
In many famus PM coaches talks I keep hearing that product should address users needs while delivering value to the business. Focusing too much on developers may lead to solutions that does not contribute to the business value and let's recall who is the sponsor of the PE and IDP? In my company we do struggle to get appropriate funding for the platform teams because the platform product management is quite new but what is even more important very fragmented across many areas. This leads to fragmented or incomplete vision and without vision there's no strategy so there's no way to proof the value. So Leadership is suprt critical, these are the sponsors, they must be aligned and convinced what's done for developers brings benefits to entire organization. To expand the picture a little bit, because it's very uncommon, Marty Cagan touch upon Platform Product Management role and mentions about different user types here: which includes end-user or a customer of the business application, which business application use a IDP. On the picture above it's not explicit, but I think it's hidden under stratefgy+business needs and it is also important because faster shipped value to the users is also one of the business needs that IDP and PE delivers
The struggle to showcase that platform work is critical, get funding is real. We compete with high revenue generating teams and although these are the very teams that benefit from what we do, it is still a daily struggle. Some day, everyone will appreciate what we do 🙂