Cheaper alternatives to PagerDuty. What product(s...
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Cheaper alternatives to PagerDuty. What product(s) are other people are using as the on-call last mile notification to a human 🚨 📲
I see Grafana cloud offers reasonable pricing (Grafana On-Call, only charges active incident participants)
Atlassian OpsGenie also has user-based pricing, but it's like a third of PagerDuty cost.
We use OpsGenie and are pretty happy with it
We also use OpsGenie, no complaints
in situations like these, i always consult gartner
they usually do a great job of overviewing the state of the market in terms of offerings while also assessing options across completeness of vision and strategy
a cursory search suggests that this might be the most recent write up -
i don’t have immediate access to the document but maybe someone else does
Hi @clayton 😄 👋
Went through this process of two of my companies If you already pay for Atlassian stuff, Opsgenie integrates well and pricing is decent. Offers all of the features most people use (and with Jira and confluence integration you can do a bit more) Grafana oncall was not battle-hardened at the time, however their offering has matured quite significantly in the last year and a half. If you are already using Grafana cloud for metrics, its something I would try out for sure. The other products look decent, but it means onboarding another service which did not justify time and costs in our contexts
It comes down to US based or International as well. Building a deliver at least once network that works globally is incredibly hard.
You can relax delivery requirements and setup fall throughs and increase complexity or pay for delivery reliability to a vendor.
lots of gold in here thanks y'all. Agree opsgine better priced. Grafana oncall a little new. & Zenduty looks interesting I'll definiely check them out thankyou
10 points to @Jordan Chernev for actually using a Gartner Quadrant 😜
-> add thoughtworks tech radars to the list of sources