My buddy from the commercial org (laid off in Dec)...
# wayfolk
My buddy from the commercial org (laid off in Dec) reminded me last night of a funny incident. He was on the bridge call for a P1 and they'd mostly figured out what had happened. Fiona (from a plane, going to Europe!) and Corey were on the call. PJ says "ok we have 2 course of action it seems. Action 1 is do some technical thing and basically ignore the customer impact. Action 2 is we do some customized tech work for the customers to fix things, and then we inform the customers and do a mea culpa. How do you want to proceed?" The bridge line goes silent for a minute. Then Mike says a very junior SW engineer keys his mic and says ".... we could take a vote?" Corey immediately comes off mute and says "So, we are not taking a vote. Fioana and I are here and you will do course of action X"