Hey folks, written an article about my story on re...
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Hey folks, written an article about my story on rethinking our IDEs inspired by platform engineering principles: https://www.terrapilot.dev/post/time-to-rethink-our-ide Your thoughts and feedbacks will be helpful.
Wow—_*I love this perspective*_. I’ve been talking about the need to “shift left” in our platform engineering thinking, so the idea of integrating that into the editor directly really speaks to me. > Instead, if we’re looking for true adoption success, we should choose the right interface for the job, taking each tool on a case-by-case basis. Platform teams need to remember how many options we have: building command line interfaces, libraries, editor plugins, browser extensions, slack bots, native apps, pull request apps, continuous integration plugins and more to bring the interface of the platform closer to our developers to support with driving adoption. We need to avoid the temptation to put all of our platform tools into our portal, simply because we have one. https://www.gitpod.io/blog/internal-developer-portals-not-a-silver-bullet
I’ve also been banging a similar drum quite recently, that platform engineering has become too obsessed with outer loop optimisations, e.g. portals, ci pipelines, etc. These tools all have their benefits but as platform engineers we need to be careful that because we have cloud access, that we don’t just use that as a hammer to solve all of our problems.
I love the idea of what you’re doing with Terrapilot. One aspect that’s missing for me though is the automation side. e.g. how will terrapilot manage access controls? I presume this is encouraging connecting to remote resources? How will those be provisioned and managed? Some close integration with an orchestrator or automation platforms seems necessary. EDIT: Ah, just seen you plan to host that infra… interesting.
If you want, happy to chat about this any time. DM me. There’s a potential fun integration with Gitpod if you would want to collaborate on that 🙂
Question: What are other tools have you’ve taken inspiration from? Who else is shifting this type of experience left into the editor that you’ve seen and liked? Some tools come to mind, but I’m curious what you’re taking inspiration from…
Thank you so much for your feedbacks. The AWS Toolkit and Azure Functions are extensions I've noticed recently for VS Code and JetBrains IDEs, which lets to create and deploy serverless functions directly from the IDE