startup (noun): In the software industry, a common...
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startup (noun): In the software industry, a common mechanism for transferring venture capital into Amazon Web Services.
Just for the record, my comment was apropos of nothing (other than my own experiences) and the fact that it landed immediately after @Kirubakaran Karthikeyan’s post was entirely a freak of timing and was not intended at all as any commentary on his startup project! Sorry!!
Shots can’t be unfired! 😂
lol. Alas!
Thanks for the clarification; @Ron Hough the meaning you've given is so true it could be rewritten in all dictionaries 😄
Hahaha damn I’d like to say it’s not true but we see companies who just raised their first rounds and paying $10k on AWS. It’s madness
2011: Software will eat the world 2024: Cloud costs will eat the world