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Have a platform engineering question for Kelsey Hightower? Ask<!here> 🚀 I am super excited to share that for PlatformCon 2024 industry legend Kelsey Hightower will be doing a fireside chat with my friend @Kaspar to talk all things platform engineering. You can post your questions here (or DM me if you’re shy😉) and I’ll make sure that Kaspar and Kelsey get them to discuss! Also - haven’t registered for PlatformCon 2024 yet? Here is the link.
Come on! No questions? This is a golden opportunity😄
Does he still want to kick kubernetes over, pour gasoline on it, and set it on fire? Edit: Is kubernetes still a "don't use it if you don't need it" and how does he feel about kubernetes being a dangerous distraction for most organizations. Referencing his reply here: https://twitter.com/kelseyhightower/status/1671582240026025986?lang=en