Hi All, what is the going rates for on call engine...
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Hi All, what is the going rates for on call engineers (UK) in your organisations? We're implementing a two tiered out of hours team, 'First responders' who will receive alerts and responsibility is to triage and execute a run book, and an escalation rota for 'Subject Matter Experts'. These engineers will be the escalation path and only called upon in the event of an incident within their domain.
The expectation of the First responders is to be online in a short period of time and be near a laptop at all times. (Not house bound but need to be able to get online) The SME, as an escalation path wont quite have the same restrictions but should be able to join a bridge at all times.
This company is based in London and maybe their writing/tools could help? https://incident.io/guide/on-call/on-call-compensation