:wave: Hey everyone, I'm Jasmin, a Lead Product De...
# platform-blueprints
👋 Hey everyone, I'm Jasmin, a Lead Product Designer at Octopus. My team is currently learning the needs of platform engineering, specifically around blueprints or templates, golden paths, and self-service developer experience. If you have experience in those areas and are working in a central Platform team, we’d love to hear about what you are working on and understand your pain points to inform our road map, more specifically if: • You work with 50+ application or product teams, and have 1 or more central devops/platform teams • Your org has some maturity and sees value in building an internal development platform. You could be well along this journey or just starting out. If this sounds relevant and interesting, we’d love to chat with you — DM me to set up a time or book a session here.