Not quite a blueprint, more a model. Wasn't quite ...
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Not quite a blueprint, more a model. Wasn't quite sure best fit to drop this .. I am seeing this CNCF Maturity matrix a lot in differing contexts. • So, how useful if this... as it was only published 6+ months ago. SOURCE: Blurb: from a GitPod webinar ( I am not associated, juts showing my sources) > the CNCF Platform Maturity Model where we’ll be diving into its different dimensions, to give you a firm footing in where to invest your time on your platform initiatives. If you're curious, these are the dimensions of the model. > > In the first webinar of the series, I'll dive deep with Abby Bangser, a co-creator of the model, to give a good overview of the maturity model and its dimensions. > GitPod Webinar:
👋 as one of the authors of this I won’t pretend to have an unbiased view 😅 But I can say that the 50+ people who participated in the content definitely were building on years (decades in some cases) of experience in the space so hopefully it is wise beyond it’s years. You may find stories in the cncf slack #wg-platforms channel interesting around this and @Andre Marcelo-Tanner is always a great story teller on what he is up to at Ada who used an early version of this. Maybe also @Antoine BERMON has some stories from his work at SNCF?
The only anecdote I will share is that I am continually shocked by the places I see this pop up in very low key ways. Of course there are webinars like you linked to, but I actually just see it pop up as a reference in how organisations are working which is a good sign (to me) that this is unexciting and just helps 🤞
I just came back from vacation. I have plans later this year to share how it's usefull for self diagnosis on different aspects: • global platform maturity • company's organisational maturity • individual maturity (per capa) • etc...
Eg: you're interacting with the entity providing the internal PKI (you want certs for https) but it's via custom process (eg request via excel). The maturity helps you to show them (the entity managing this part) how "far" it is from a mature exeprience and how we can progress on each step . A lesson learnt is "don't target too quickly on each line the -final desired maturity- but create a path where you can see the target."
If you want to see an applied use case (Kubecon Europe 2024) :

(you'll find the maturities at 23:15) "State of Platform Maturity in the Norwegian Public Sector - Hans Kristian Flaatten, Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration"
Thanks Abby :) we used it to help organize all our tools in our SDLC at the company and use that it as a method of how we can plan for improving our maturity of our platform. Just like cloud maturity models and similar we needed a guide to help us figure out where we are advanced and where we are behind compared to the industry. In reliability we compare ourselves to the DORA report for example