Jared Wolinsky

08/14/2022, 3:48 PM
I'm looking for some inspiration for a mission statement and principles for my platform org. Are there any resources that have some of them compiled already? Or is anyone willing to share theirs?

Vishal Banthia

08/17/2022, 3:44 PM
This was the mission statement for the platform team in my previous org
Providing Internal Developer Platform (IDP) consisting of tools and infrastructure to enable developers to build, test, deploy and operate backend services in a secure, reliable, and scalable manner.
Provide state-of-the-art developer experience where teams can take full end-to-end service ownership without any additional overheads.

Jared Wolinsky

08/17/2022, 4:34 PM
this is great - thanks @Vishal Banthia