Hey there, everyone! I joined this slack after joi...
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Hey there, everyone! I joined this slack after joining an online event through meetup.com. As someone fairly new to this space, a question I’ve been meaning to ask is what’s defined as platform engineering. There are more than a few definitions of the term I can find online, but these are varied and often vague.
And they're probably all right! I might catch some flak for this but I think platform engineering is a bit of a marketing term, but I think that marketing terms can be very useful. To me, it's the set of principles and practices that develop, innovate, and maintain the software and infrastructure used to run your business-critical apps. That is, the stuff you run that makes your business unique runs on a platform, and platform engineering is the work around making sure that your business apps are available, reliable, secure, and with an innovative feature set
and it's a full lifecycle, including product management, because to your devs, the platform is a product on which they rely
I'm biased, but I like the definitions of
platform engineering
that the platforms working group of the CNCF publishes: https://tag-app-delivery.cncf.io/wgs/platforms/glossary/#platform
Alright, thanks for everyone’s explanations. This is especially interesting, since I have an interest in cloud computing.