Udi Hofesh

08/23/2022, 3:19 PM
Hi everyone! I’m Udi, DevRel at Komodor! 👋 The team at Komodor is working on a new open-source project (it’s the second one after ValidKube), and I wanted to get a sense of the pain some of you may be experiencing with Helm. Particularly around areas like; understanding how certain charts have changed over time, which charts that I’m using are out-of-date, examining how a new deploy is going to look like (vs the current version), and understanding the status of objects related to the helm chart, etc....How hard and time-consuming is it for you? All answers and feedback are welcome :) if you want to take part or contribute feel free to DM me or email me at Just to pick your curiosity, the project will be a visual dashboard for Helm that will wrap in a local web UI the option to:
Examine the current state:
> What helm applications are in my cluster, their version, what resources are controlled by them
Learn how my helm release changed over time:
> What values were used in each revision?
> Diff between versions
Change the state of my helm chart:
> Is there a newer version for my charts?
> Deploy and validate a new revision and see the diff prior to that
> Rollback to a previous version and see the diff prior to that