Hi everyone. My name is Cohen. I’m a DeVOps Engine...
# intros
Hi everyone. My name is Cohen. I’m a DeVOps Engineer. I’m currently working on Data migration project, moving from on-Prem to GCP. I’m interested in getting better with Terraform and sharing my knowledge and experience. I’m in the New York area.
Sounds like a fun challenge! You moving on to Google Big Query and Looker?
Hello Wayne. A few month back with the help of terraform documentation, I was able to implement Bigquery in a few of our data projects in GCP. I’m not familiar with Looker, that’s something I will look into.
If you haven't stumbled upon the terraform example foundation for GCP, that is definitely a good resource to use as a foundation architecture: https://github.com/terraform-google-modules/terraform-example-foundation As well the security foundations whitepaper described here: https://services.google.com/fh/files/misc/google-cloud-security-foundations-guide.pdf
Thank you @Sebastian Skøtt