sorry for crosspost… just discovered this channel…...
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sorry for crosspost… just discovered this channel… I wrote a blog post about my Crossplane POC. TL;DR: sadly, I find Crossplane not ready for prod, for a lot of different reasons. It’s sad because I really think they have the right workflow for IaC. please comment if you have questions or answers:
I agree with what you found, keep in mind their jet providers are very very new so they seem pretty rough, but yes the community around crossplane and the oam spec ( which crossplane uses ) is very small, kubevela also uses the oam spec and sadly its mostly used in Asia, although Microsoft is a sponsor of the spec, no idea what they use it for though, both crossplane + kubevela would be a interesting start for a control plane but they seem very niche
This is a good post of what you can potentially do with it + vcluster ( another great project ) -
yeah KubeVela is great too… I just hope crossplane is going to get more traction and improve to get enterprise-level-usable
I wish I had more time to help 🙂