Based on my learnings and experience working with ...
# platform-stories
Based on my learnings and experience working with various large enterprise customers over the years, I have been putting together a checklist of items that has helped me to build, run and scale microservices efficiently and securely. To give it a well-formed structure, I took an inspiration from the AWS Well-Architected Framework and came up with this version to align it to the microservices world. In some cases organizations might have already established well-defined internal tools and processes to on-board, build, and run microservices on platforms of their choice. In other cases, these need to be built to meet the specific requirements of a given organization. This transformation is a long and time consuming journey. I hope this helps to quickly identify and address the different areas of building and running your microservices. While the Well-Architected Framework covers a much larger and broader scope, this version is intended to enable teams to focus on the specifics required to build and run microservices on a platform like Kubernetes. Although, it contains a few references to Kubernetes it is meant to be generic enough to be applied to microservices irrespective of the platform. Here is the Checklist:
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