hi everyone! I’m doing some research & I wonde...
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hi everyone! I’m doing some research & I wondered if there’s been a Platform Engineering/Ops landscape produced, similar to the CNCF one? I’ve found ones for DataOps and DevOps etc, but haven’t managed to find a Platform Ops one yet! https://landscape.cncf.io/
Not sure Platform ops is a thing by itself… CNCF is a larger space, that includes, I guess, a lot of the modern tooling we usually use… but it’s not a 100% coverage, and it’s not meant to… Maybe you should start something 🙂
That was my suspicion! 🙂
I am also interested in this one.
Also categorizing them would be pretty cool
There are quite some nuances on how we do things
@Charlotte Binstead did you get anywhere?
maybe we team up?
@Laszlo Fogas I haven’t really gotten much further, have also been looking at maturity models - could be worth teaming up!
Do you know this page? https://internaldeveloperplatform.org/platform-tooling/ There is some classification already. • Kubernetes control planes • Platform orchestrators I don't like these very much. Especially how Humanitec came up with a word that only they can fit 🙂 full disclosure: I am also a vendor, but see value in articulating differences between tools. There is also an empty awesome list: https://github.com/toptechevangelist/awesome-platform-engineering Also there is this article: https://medium.com/contino-engineering/creating-your-internal-developer-platform-part-2-65ff217cecd6 and this: https://medium.com/@rphilogene/the-10-platform-engineering-tools-to-use-in-2022-c2cbf2561f77
What I am planning to do is collecting tools and trying to cluster them into 5 categories, or whatever makes sense. In an airtable or something then blog about the categories, how they are distinct, how they overlap, and how they may converge over time. @Charlotte Binstead Is this something interesting for you?
hi @Laszlo Fogas apologies for not getting back to you - have been off with covid and only just back to work! Let me chew this over and will come back to you 🙂