Hello folks, DevOps engineer here hoping to transi...
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Hello folks, DevOps engineer here hoping to transition to a Platform engineer. I got to know this Slack from Kaspar's

CNCF talk

on Platform engineering. I recently built ephemeral environments from scratch for my company, then I knew about Qovery 5 minutes ago! Amazing stuff. Hope to interact with all of you soon
Hey @Yusuf 👋 welcome and congrats for building Ephemeral Environments from scratch. BTW I am the CEO and co-founder of Qovery 🙂 Happy to know more on what you did to build your platform. Do you plan to write an article to explain what you did?
Hey @Romaric Philogène, glad to meet you here. I think It was your your posts that I saw here about Qovery. 👍 Unfortuantely, it's still far from perfect, and it still requires configuration and tweaks from my side (for envs that have special configs) as there's no UI yet. Once I get things polished to v1 I will surely share my approach
I am also interested at a high-level overview about your solution. Did you give any talks before on the subject ?
I do explain how things work behind the scene in this talk


And we have a Youtube Channel -> https://www.youtube.com/c/QoveryHQ/videos
It would be a great idea to make a new talk to explain how things work on multiple parts of the platform
Super nice! I will be sure to check these out. Thanks Romaric