Hi everybody! Happy to be here! I’m Ilya, a founde...
# intros
Hi everybody! Happy to be here! I’m Ilya, a founder and a cloud architect at infrapulse.io, where I help SMBs to run in the cloud and save time and money with the right architecture and cloud decisions ☁️ I’ve worked a lot in startups and within a public cloud provider, and I know cloud-native best practices and architecture very well, therefore I’m willing to share that knowledge with technical product teams. I help to: -️ choose the proper cloud provider and services; -️ optimize the cost of the cloud platform; - design cloud-native architecture; - withstand heavy loads and traffic peaks; - provide high availability and fault tolerance; - tame Kubernetes and enjoy using it; - migrate to the cloud. One of my recent projects - K8s-as-a-Service at MTS Cloud - from MVP to prod with 99.99 SLA. It was a really interesting journey, a lot of work, design and troubleshooting! Here I’m looking to meet great people, talk about k8s, cloud and platform solutions and find future partners. Also, I am a fan of ️coffee, 🏍️bikes, and 🏝️travel, so I’m happy to chat and make new connections. Me on • LinkedinDev.toBlogCalendly
welcome @Ilya Kaznacheev 👋 I am also a bike addict 🙂 Happy to contact you. I am the co-founder of Qovery - we work with some cloud consulting firm to help our customers on the run. You can DM me if you are interested
Sounds great @Romaric Philogène, I’ll take a closer look 🙂