Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face: My friend Dan...
# general
Hi everyone 🙂 My friend Dan and I are pretty curious about platform engineering. Also, we have just started out building an internal developer platform at TV 2 Denmark, which raises a lot of questions inside the team. Therefore we thought: “We should get some data! Let’s use our network and ask how they see platforms and platform teams.” Maybe: → You are also building an internal developer platform → You build your apps/services on top of such a platform → You are looking into platform engineering and have a lot of expectations. In any case, we would absolutely appreciate it if you could spare 5-10 minutes on our small “Platform Engineering Survey”. Feel free to share it with your network as well. We hope to learn a lot from the responses and maybe identify common characteristics to help us understand what awaits us along the way. In return, we promise that we will share our insights through blog posts and in our talk at The DEVOPS Conference November 1 in Copenhagen. Here’s the link to the survey: https://lnkd.in/eKAptjF2 The survey is anonymous and the data will only be used for research purposes.