Since value stream mapping/management/metrics come...
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Since value stream mapping/management/metrics come up quite often as evidence for the value prop for platform engineering we used the recent State of VSM Report to give a quick summary and provide our own thoughts. Bit of a living doc as the landscape is shifting quickly towards more engineering-driven approaches. Happy to hear opinions.
Wow! That’s a great piece of content and right up my alley. I can’t believe how this one fits my top two professional interests: (a) currently working as a Lead Consultant focusing on implementing VSM (among other areas) in a large corporation and (b) having worked as TPM at Robinhood focusing on engineering excellence and implementing metrics using mostly the If you have anything else on that, especially in context of platform engineering, I’d love to check it out or discuss
Hi Patrick, thanks you 🙂 We have probably have a lot in common and would be more than happy to share. Running a bit behind content, but I can share some whitepaper/ebook with you, there are also some free webinars including from PlatformCON: