Hi all, question about tracking how your internal ...
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Hi all, question about tracking how your internal customers make use of the services you provide. Let's say you support Datadog, or Sentry, or similar, or you self-host Prometheus or Grafana for example. We're trying to figure out how to understand what capabilities of these services are being used (so we know what documentation to put together, whether there are other services we can use instead) and also to decommission legacy resources (dashboards in Datadog for example) that no-one is using but everyone is too worried to remove. We're wondered whether CASBs would provide something useful around UEBA but haven't found anything useful for our purposes. Anyone have better luck or facing a similar problem?
My head initially goes to getting usage metrics for dashboards themselves, sorting by least popular / not used, then having a process for deprecation. Do you know / have access already to these types of usage metrics?
That's part of the problem unfortunately - with Grafana for example, there's no way that we know of to get these usage metrics? Would love to be proved wrong
Hey @Olivier Kouame ! I can probably weigh in here on the Grafana piece - there are some usage insights you can enable to look at who and how often someone accesses certain dashboards to determine usefulness: https://grafana.com/docs/grafana/latest/dashboards/assess-dashboard-usage/. The only caveat being it isn't in the free version, only the enterprise editions of Grafana
Ah thanks for that, definitely part of what we're looking for, though unfortunately we're not on the enterprise editions.
@Olivier Kouame I can’t speak for the other tools mentioned here, but I have found Datadog’s Audit Log to be very helpful for understanding usage. The data requires some parsing and interpretation (can share specific gotchas in a DM if you’d like) but the Audit Log sounds like the tool for the job