:wave: Hi just joined but wonder if there were any...
# platform-blueprints
šŸ‘‹ Hi just joined but wonder if there were any discussions or if you know of talks that discuss where to build value in a Platform and where to use pre-built solutions whether open-source or vendors? I'm thinking of making a Wardley map or something similar for our own inhouse platform to visualize where we should be concentrating on building unique value.
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Iā€™m still pretty new to wardley mapping but Iā€™d be interested to see how yours turns out!
When I did it, all roads seemed to lead to configuration being extremely bespoke and a good candidate for us to work on as a platform team
I've seen Susanne Kaiser do some great talks exploring Wardley maps and team topologies. Might be worth looking at some of her talks?
I think that this video addresses this topic:


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Great topic. I did a talk around the topic at MapCamp last year - https://theserverlessedge.com/watch-the-adaptation-talk-at-mapcamp-2021/
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I would start by creating some value chains and plotting them.
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This is also a great place to start - https://github.com/HiredThought/wardley-mapping-canvas
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