I'd love to discuss your thoughts on the talk I ga...
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I'd love to discuss your thoughts on the talk I gave discussing incentives and their affect on our psychology! I'll open a thread here for the psychopathy talk.


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Thought this was an excellent talk, Michael. Really appreciated the distinction between “you don’t want innovation, you want people to deliver to a deadline”. Also the sociotechnical focus, hero-ball awareness, and intent-driven suggestions were excellent 👍
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The “declare what you want to see happen” also seems to map to using something like an RFC process for architecture. Would you agree with that position, or see it differently?
Certainly! There are a number of methods to achieve this goal: GitOps/CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, Network Intentions, Identity brokerage, RFC and many more.
I would see RFC upstream of the change commitment.
But, absolutely, RFC is a great form of transparency
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That was a pretty awesome talk, never thought about things from a psychology point of view 🙂
I really appreciate that @Hugo Pinheiro!