Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed my talk on the stre...
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Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed my talk on the stream, or on demand. Happy to answer any questions you might have! ๐Ÿ˜„ https://platformcon.com/talk/autonomy-or-chaos-how-to-scale-platforms-in-high-growth-companies
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Cool stuff, thanks! Questions about the Tech Radar (?) diagramsโ€ฆ What do the sectors and colors mean? Presuming that the visualizations were generated automatically, what tool is behind them? Can you share more details about the governance process you use?
They are created automatically indeed. There's a tool from ThoughtWorks we use, with some internal mapping done so one can actually just open a PR to denote a ring change (with additional info) and the diagrams follow. Some more info here https://blog.picnic.nl/picnic-tech-radars-75e0d016a868
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