Hi, everyone! I recently discovered PlatformCon an...
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Hi, everyone! I recently discovered PlatformCon and I'm still watching all the talks. I'd like to know if any of you have experience with Data Platforms/ML Platforms/Analytics Platforms and how have been your experience by applying a product mindset to its management? Besides, what practices have used or seen that helped such a team's success?
The product mindset is to bring the business benefit to the management, the business benefit could be described as an existing terminology to make it obvious.
The practices I had been using is bottom up approach, and thinking framework could be useful is product-driven, and TOGAF framework.
My previous product experience is mostly Amazon/AWS, so the customer driven methodology is there.
Thank you for sharing you experience, Sean! I agree that the bottom-up approach seems to be the best way to increase adoption. Platforms should prove their value and how they can improve engineers' work.