Marc Schröter

11/01/2022, 11:32 AM
We did the first 1000 registrations for the worlds largest Serverless conference last week. You can expect a complete new level this year, packed with a very exciting agenda, different formats like Use Case talks, tech talks, Ask-the Serverless Experts, Lightening talks, Serverless Awards and Serverless Awards. The conference is already in. 15 days! Learn from the worlds best Serverless experts and get your free ticket for the event: globaldatanet 💜 Reinvent the Cloud using Serverless #aws #globaldatanet #cloudnative #serverless #saas #development

Aaron Held

11/01/2022, 1:27 PM
This seems all AWS. Will there be non-aws topics?

Marc Schröter

11/01/2022, 1:28 PM
Full focus on AWS & Serverless @Aaron Held 💜