Hey Community! We just launched a new open-source ...
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Hey Community! We just launched a new open-source orchestrator and code generator Terramate for Terraform. We’ve built Terramate to solve issues when handling Terraform on scale that we experienced during our day-to-day work with customers. To mention some of the features that Terramate ships with: • Stacks: Splitting up your state into isolated units. A stack is a runnable Terraform Root Module that operates on a subset of the infrastructure’s resources and has its own state. • Keep you code DRY: Avoid duplication by easily sharing data across your project. • Code Generation: Generate valid Terraform Code to ensure that you can always enter a stack to run plain Terraform commands. • Stack Change detection: Only execute commands in stacks that have been changed in the current branch or since the last merge. • Module Change detection: Enhanced Change Detection allows to identifying stacks that have changes in local modules. • Execute Any Command: Terramate is not a wrapper of Terraform but can execute any commands in (changed) stacks. • Execution Order: Explicitly define an order of execution of stacks. • Forced Stack Execution: Ensure specific stacks are run alongside other stacks. • Pure HCL: All configuration of Terramate can be supplied in the well-known Hashicorp Configuraltion Language (HCL). We’d love to hear your feedback! Thanks!
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@Hany Elfouly
Does it solve any of the things Terragrunt doesnt solve? Were any other options looked at like instead of using HCL on top of HCL?
Hi @Andre Marcelo-Tanner, sorry for the late reply! We published an article on the differences between Terragrunt and Terramate (which are quite significant) https://blog.mineiros.io/terramate-and-terragrunt-f27f2ec4032f
Thank you, will read 🙂