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Lalit Kale

04/24/2022, 4:03 PM
In general, platform features are of technical and complex in nature. So, product management fails to write good PRDs or requirements (in certain organizations..not a general case). Did you find similar challenges while building platforms? How you help Product managers and engineers for writing/analyzing good requirements. I would appreciate if people share their views or pointers. Thanks.
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Alan Barr

04/25/2022, 1:24 AM
Reforge has a lot of content for greating a narrative for a product strategy. The vision I wrote two years holds up. While its not perfect in my perspective a good narrative can help you decide what you should spend your time on or not. Without a vision you might just be fighting the next big problem one on the next.

Jelmer Borst

04/25/2022, 7:58 AM
Nice discussion for #product-management. Depends on what PMs you hire for platform products. Indeed should have affinity with tech products, for example devs turned product. The same question you can ask for companies like Stripe, Twilio, Adyen, etc. etc. What it requires is a lot of collaboration between PMs and engineers, with PMs heavily involved in talking to the users. When not familiar enough with the domain / tech stack / ..., then including an engineer on the platform team in that discussion can help bridging that gap. It should decrease over time.