Hi, I'm Henning, former Head of Developer Producti...
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Hi, I'm Henning, former Head of Developer Productivity and long-time platform/principal engineer. I'm happy to give you a glimpse into Zalando's in-house builder platform and how we continuously improve the developer experience for our 1600+ engineers. I'll share our strategy and setup of our internal developer portal based on Backstage and how we provide a cloud-native application runtime based on Kubernetes/AWS. We will also touch on how we established a product mindset for our platform teams and what challenges we faced along the way. I hope that the webinar on May 3rd will help anyone on a similar journey get inspiration for their own platform engineering org 🙂 Please join the AMA session on April 26 15:00 CEST | 9:00 EDT time in the #platform-design track channel and ask me anything 🙂
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thanks @Henning Jacobs for taking the time + effort to present. I’m wondering if the webinar will be recorded for those of us in… awkward timezones 😉 (Australia!)
Hi @Jess Belliveau you will be able to find the recording in this 👉 channel 🙂
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@Henning Jacobs Thanks for running this. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it this afternoon but I’ll leave some of my questions here: How do you envision the DevEx for managing infrastructure resources and other dependencies? Are you providing abstractions that Devs have to follow? WDYT about Backstages Golden Paths idea? How do you deal with failure and debugging of infrastructure?
It’s okay, I will ask these questions for you 😄