Is it impossible to statelessly automate a complet...
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Is it impossible to statelessly automate a complete local environment? Nope. Perhaps you have another point of view?
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This is a really interesting topic. Some rhetorical questions that I have: Does anyone measure ramp up time for new devs on a project and/or new hires on a team? What is typical? Is this a metric which companies try to improve?
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It can be done, with a boostrap file to install ansible, that kicks of a ansible playbook to setup docker and osx settings ( if your on osx or other os settings ), start a docker container with all the tools you need something like, that combined with something like , a custom cli like and something like for local kubernetes clusters can get you a pretty decent portable local environment, thats actually how I run my local environment.
Although here is what I dont like about newstack articles, while local environments is a problem that should be solved they discounted some good methodologies because ( hey look magic we have a payed tool we are offering to solve this thing ) to me this type of article is now a this company is on my instant do not use list
Though this would be cool from a tech perspective, my very biased opinion is that this is going the wrong way. It would either take containerization (article recommends this) or complete sterilization and lockdown of a machine. Me and my cofounders are literally building a company by betting on cloud hosted dev environments. It's way easier to get power, consistency, and scale. This has been a long time coming but I think we're hitting an inflection point where this space is going to see a lot of adoption. Shameless plug: if you want to see what we're working on
Fair enough so here is my problem with a saas option, let's say I get used to that workflow then move to a company that does not have the budget to get a specific saas tool, then I'm back to step 0 and having to go back to my old workflow, don't get me wrong saas software is a great convineience but not for everyone
Hell yeah issue everybody ChromeOS systems and stop worrying about the hell of endpoint compromises. Cloud dev environments for all.
We want a new hire to commit code in 30m
The key actually was to make integration testing in CI extremely reliable, leverage bazel caching on objects, and make the actual development environment a test. You effectively “bazel build world” and then everything is built and starts for you. It bootstraps on anything with the runtime environment (glibc + python + a few other slim tools)

Our desire was that if you allow someoen to go days w/o committing it sets an acceptable standard that we dont care about results.