what are ways for getting investments into interna...
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what are ways for getting investments into internal platforms? How you convince/d stakeholders (or senior leadership) of your company to invest more resources (budgets/people)
It's the same as anything else, understand the questions behind the question, align your work to business goals, and ask a lot of questions, aligning the work to business objectives short and long term. Remember Technical debt is just that. You can choose to pay it down or pay the minimum based on the business priorities. Build consistent frameworks to talk about debt and investments - a lot of people like keeping the lights on, foundational and product investments as a simple framework (works for any function).
in some sense it's not about convincing it's about helping people understand so they make the right business decision keeping in mind - leadership has different context and being ok that the right “technical solution” isn't the right business solution
people are generally motivated/trying to do the right thing for business from their perspective so just keep asking why. Potentially the right answer is not to staff a platform effort if you have 3m of runway left or blowing a quarterly report will have substantial morale hit in other functions so short term thinking is the tradeoff
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I mean let this sink in.
I think like many of these things it’s about pulling together an effective business case. It’s extremely hard, but some non-financial things which I’ve found useful in the past is focusing on security (you can usually get support from risk and secops teams, and they sometimes have separate budgets they can contribute from) and finding industry benchmarks to compare against. Otherwise it’s focusing on cost avoidance as the biggest driver for the number crunchers.
Thank you all for all the responses. appreciate it and it gives me lot of food for thought.