For the ones still using VM’s or docker-compose, I...
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For the ones still using VM’s or docker-compose, I can highly recommend It’s k8 with a LOT less of the complexity / maintenance involved, which is the main reason why I heard people don’t like using K8
+1 MicroK8S is great to use. I've heard Rancher is as well but haven't used it myself. I'm curious if anyone here has used both and has any insight between the two
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As long as we're talking about simplified K8s distros, how about K0s and K3s
I use K3s it is nice and simple. k3sup is really good as well. You can use it to bootstrap a k3s cluster over SSH or locally. You can also use it in your CI or cloud-init. I haven't used Microk8s personally
Cool, I hadn't heard of k3sup, thanks! Also adding for the sake of discussion: Kubespray
Same I use for my local testing and for the homelab
I tried microk8s but its a bit of a pain doing ingress in a vm with it
what pain specifically did you have with microk8 ingress?
For some reason metallb dident want to work properly
but its more because of osx and the way docker behaves on it
k3s just gave a smoother experience out of the box
will give it a try
I would love to see proper support of podman or any other execution environment but Docker Desktop on OSX, but that’s a whole other can of worms
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actually 😉 supports containerd
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thats what i been running, still with docker engine enabled for now mostly because some clis still only support the docker cli