Hi Platformers! Just wondering how many of you her...
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Hi Platformers! Just wondering how many of you here use k8s kubernetes vs VMs virtual machine?
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Need an option for “keeping k8s and its needless complexity as far away from every org I'm involved with”
Also good options: ECS, Nomad
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have some bitter experience with k8s?
I've seen too many startups and companies make huge investments into it, massively over complicate otherwise simple deployments, then get stuck running Borg and permanently tied into employing engineers that understand how it all weaves together otherwise the entire house of cards collapses.
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Is the implication here you'd run k8s on bare metal as an alternative? 🤔
(please don't)
More typically k8s goes on the VMs, while VMs handle other usual suspects and services. Not everything makes sense for k8s. Kerberos and enterprise sign on for example, at L3. Wonderful. Isn't going to work in containers.