Hi Folks, I am Richard, been into databases my w...
# intros
Hi Folks, I am Richard, been into databases my whole career, but last few years moved into more general cloud/architect and devops roles. Trying to figure out how the world is going, is ops, devops and SRE falling out of favour in preference for platform engineering. Do we need elite platform teams supplying in house self service to our devs, allowing them the luxury of not having to learn how to deploy scalable infrastructure, allowing them to concentrate on their apps? Retorical. I have felt for years IaC needs a shake up, it hasnt changed much in 15 years (other than get more complicated). I think now is the time for platform teams to write them. Devs shouldnt need to learn IaC to deploy their apps, just learn to use simple in house self service developer tools. Spend most of my free time either out in nature with my black labrador or developing my community low code Iac tool https://justdeploy.cloud. Shameless plug I know but I think it has its uses as an internal tool for devs as a self service option