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Luca Galante

07/13/2022, 10:08 AM
Most of you probably know we have been publishing a DevOps benchmarking report, analyzing teams setups and their DevOps maturity (with our dedicated maturity scoring 😉 ). The 2021 edition has been a great success so far and we want to make sure we keep this up to date, so working on releasing a 2022 survey soon. Your input is super important to make sure the questions are as relevant as possible. Below are some questions from the questionnaire from last year 👇 • How many developers work in your organization? • What is the degree of containerization at your organization? • Do you store your application configurations in a version control system? • Do you store your system configurations in a version control system? • Do you store your infrastructure configurations in a version control system? • What is your orchestration tool of choice? • On what infrastructure do you run? • How often do you deploy to production? • What is your lead time - from code commit to running in production? • Imagine an outage from a product or system failure. How long does it take you to get everything fully operational again? • In how many cases do your deployments to production fail so that you need to rollback? 💡*What areas are we missing and should we focus on more this year?* Anything is fair game, please comment below 👇
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