<!here> Hello community, we are more than 8 thousa...
# general
<!here> Hello community, we are more than 8 thousand people and we are really happy that everyone is sharing their own successes and challenge in here. We would like to remind you that this is a Community of practice, focussed on sharing, networking and learning. Please, share content and link relevant to the discussion that are not heavily product-focussed and that aim to solve a platform issue, a knowledge gap or a growth opportunity for the community. We would like to keep this space as product agnostic as possible. Refrain from sales-y pitches and spam. If you want to share your tool we have a channel for that: #platform-tech. If you spam in the general channel your post will be removed from now on.
I have moved my post out of respect @Luca Galante. As a community member I would really value some guidelines on what posts are good for this channel vs not. There is long a history of tool related postings here which have set precedent (and which I have personally found very useful btw). Those posts gave me confidence to post here today. I do very much value consistency and that consistency has to apply to every single member of this community equally. Iā€™d be happy to collaborate with whoever on curating community guidelines if that is useful.
Thank you for the feedback Christopher. We do appreciate that, but we think that it can become kind of cluttering for the #general channel to be used in that way. So for better clarity, we could use the #platform-tech channel from now on. I am currently going a little back on in the messages to give some feedback to those who have posted šŸ™‚
I am also planning to share a Code of Conduct before the end of the week, that it would be great if everyone would participate into. It will be in GitHub and will also discuss this kind of topics
Is it an idea to have an independent board that advises and governs this community? šŸ‘‹
Hey Gillian, we have a Community Guideline document coming up which is going to be open to community contributions. That could be an idea added to that document. :)
@Giulia Guizzardi could you please share the link to the github ? šŸ™
Hi all! As promised here is the repo I started to open the conversation with the community. Please do contribute and open issues or comment the Code of Conduct or the Guidelines. I still need to input in all the links to the Meetups groups (so many!) and a bunch of other things like the YouTube channel, but it would be great to have some eyes on it already : https://github.com/InternalDeveloperPlatform/Platform-Engineering-Community
PS: let me know if you have issues opening an issue or commenting on the file (I am still figuring out permissions on the repo). Happy to have a couple of you moderate incoming requests if you feel up to the game as well šŸ™‚ the only limitations I set up right now are because I am afraid of spam, but happy to tweak them if they are too strict!
It would be great to have some clarity on the current governing board of the community and how this is being elected.
Hi Gillian. The community is quite young and has been created by Luca to support and spread the word about Platform Engineering. Until June it was around 200 members and has been growing a lot and fast. At the moment there is no governing board, just community managers and members organically sharing content, organizing meetups, webinars and welcoming people in the group. The scope of this community is not the same as CNCF to address new tools and/or check/maintain standards in the market (citing a community that has 40k+ members and huge impact in the market and has obviously a committee for these specific reasons).