# general

Prabesh Thapa

12/06/2022, 7:16 PM
Hi all, i have prepared a list of blogs and sites that every SRE and platform enthusiast must follow. I hope everyone will find it useful. I would like to ask everyone over here if you have a blog or if there is a good underrated blog that you follow which will be useful to SRE/Platform engineering enthusiasts then, please feel free to do a PR and add it there. Also i am looking for ideas and suggestions on how to make it better and make it easier for users to navigate.

Felipe Hitomi

12/07/2022, 12:39 PM
Thanks for your initiative Prabesh !!

Giulia Guizzardi

12/08/2022, 9:32 AM
Sent to our Newsletter editor to add it for this week issue 🙂 this is incredible Prabesh

Prabesh Thapa

12/08/2022, 10:37 PM
Thank you so much guys. I hope you will find this helpful. I loved the influxdb engineering blog.