Hey everyone, we wrote a small piece on the conund...
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Hey everyone, we wrote a small piece on the conundrums of task prioritization, postmortems, and deadlocks in incident management and issue tracking. Tried to make this one a little more jovial than the rest with some fresh metaphors, let me know if you liked it in the replies! https://blog.zenduty.com/blog/2022/12/14/faster-rca-prioritizing-tasks
Pretty good read all in all, had been going through something very similar at our org when we were migrating our codebases. “Even when you define and unanimously agree on x being a P0, P0 can’t be done without y which is a P2 task but how can you do a P2 task before P0, given the defined priority?” - have spent many hours untangling these webs, would love to hear more about frameworks or practices folks here have established to avoid this.
We are just assigning the priority of the parent task to all tasks it depends on.