Hello all, this is my blog series on “Platform Eng...
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Hello all, this is my blog series on “Platform Engineering at Palo Alto Networks” https://medium.com/engineering-at-palo-alto-networks/platform-engineering-at-palo-alto-networks-part-2-315bd7b0fbfa Please take a look at and feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or suggestions or questions.
Cool backstage dashboard 🙂
Yes :-)
Thanks Ramesh...This is insightful. I was just curious and had couple of questions if you can share any information (if possible) on how wide is the adoption of the IDP at Palo Alto? Also did you have any challenges with onboarding existing teams who might be using a different tech stack than what your group standardized as part of this platform. Also, just wanted to share this link from Adobe where they have published their IDP capabilities map. https://github.com/adobe-platform/Adobe-Workshop-ArgoCon2022/blob/main/IDP-Capabilities.md
@Gaurav Dhamija thanks for sharing adobe IDP capabilities. Reg adoption - I’d say we are in early stage with one business unit(400+ engineers) using it and working hard to expand it further as our goal was not to mandate rather attract engineers to use. That’s taking more time but we are on right track :-) coming to diff stack vs standardization - yes, this is always a tricky battle and what I’ve seen is - if platform provides easy migration then teams are ok to adopt.
Well done on the article, I'm curious how you prioritize new languages, patterns, etc. to add to your IDP.