Hey Friends, :wave::skin-tone-3: Today, I am exci...
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Hey Friends, 👋🏼 Today, I am excited to share this blog post with you all, where we explain a new concept we have termed - Webhooks Gateway. We’ve been hacking on getconvoy.io for a while now, and it only recently dawned on us that we have been building a webhooks gateway (similar to API gateways) but for webhooks. This infra is designed to provide a consistent and scalable infra for end-to-end webhooks management in your growing organisation. We are excited to share this with the platform engineering community, and we look forward to your thoughts and questions. 🙂
We recently started building a webhook service internally to be used by multiple services to send webhook to clients. The idea was to avoid duplication of code and efforts across teams. This looks interesting. Will try it out
Haha. That’s the value prop! Please let me know if you have any issues.