Hello All, Folks in #*seattle*, we have a meetup f...
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Hello All, Folks in #*seattle*, we have a meetup for you today🙂 Join us for our 2023 Kick-off with Networking, Food, and Cloud Lightning Talks today !! We’ll be hearing from some of the brightest minds in our community, including speakers from Common Room, DevZero, Pure Storage, Educative, Inc., and #GDGSeattle Come hang out with your fellow tech professionals and learn !! Talks: Making remote development feel like local: the magic of SSH - Christian Miller Working with workflows in Temporal - Kirill Sapchuk Kubernetes Trends and Adoption in 2023 - Chris Crow Designing a docker based container orchestrator in 5 minutes - Umair Shahzad Hosting cloud apps in different Programming Languages - Clive Boulton ✍️ https://bit.ly/cloud-2023