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Ash Kamel

01/27/2023, 7:26 PM
Hey everyone! I wanted to let you all about a great opportunity that’s come up within a new PlatformEngineering team that we’re creating right now. It is 100% remote from anywhere in the US or Canada. We are looking for a Senior+ Software Engineer to help us continue to scale our business here in the Zip US market. See description here. For this role you would be focused hands on helping us solve some of our toughest scaling issues related to our Event Sourcing strategies. This team will also be focused on serving the rest of our engineering org by improving our DORA metrics related to change failure rate, lead time for change and developer satisfaction. In addition to these really important metrics we will also be focused on the overall performance improvement of our platform by investing in our core libraries and underlying infrastructure to help us continue to move at Zip speed. If this seems right for you connect with me and we’ll schedule time to talk about you and Zip engineering.