I have been learning DevOps, K8s, Distributed Syst...
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I have been learning DevOps, K8s, Distributed Systems, Golang and many more cool tools since 1.5 years now. Everything I have learnt or trying to learn is all from free sources that were available on the internet. Also spent 3 months as a mentee with Gerald Yerden who works with the Hashicorp Waypoint team. I have worked as Golang & DevOps Intern at Rehicle where I helped setup Infrastructure using Kubernetes and Terraform and built several microservices using Golang All of this lead me to think that I am confident enough to start applying my learnings in a professional environment and create some real world impact. I have attached my resume and if you liked it, would you please refer me for any similar junior or intern position that match my interests ? btw, I am open for non-junior positions as well. Thank You Sincerely, Vrashabh Sontakke (a big fan of Platform Engineering)