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We launched PlatformCon 2023 platform engineering less than a month ago and already have 3K attendees registered...June is still far but we are already celebrating this success! These are the top 5 questions coming from the community in the last month: Q1: Is the conference IRL or virtual and how much does it cost? A: PlatformCon is a fully virtual conference and it’s totally free! Register here 👈 Q2: Are the talks focused on technical stuff only? A: No, we want to explore platform engineering from different angles, so talks will cover 5 tracks: Stories | Culture | Blueprints | Impact | Tech Q3: What’s the format of this conference? A: There are two live kick-offs each day, one for EU time zones and one for US time zones. You’re then free to watch the talks at your own pace or follow the online stream (which will continue directly after the live kick-offs). We’ll finish with a live Q&A on Slack with all our speakers! Q4: Are the talks given live? A: All talks are pre-recorded. This is done to ensure the best audio-video quality for you. Also, talks are only 15 min long,short and sweet. Q5: Will there be scheduled slots where the speakers are available on Slack to answer questions? A: Yes, there will be dedicated time slots for the Q&A. Stay tuned for the exact times! Call for Proposals is running until February 27! For more info on PlatformCon do not forget to check the website and subscribe to the newsletter.