# general

David L

02/09/2023, 7:44 PM
Hello. I'm new here and wanted to share what DevOps means to me. Questions and comments are welcome. :) D on't prematurely optimize because E nough is enough V elocity? yeah, we got that O pen mind to new ideas P eople are not the enemy S ecurity?!? - ZG9uJ3QgZnVjayB3aXRoIHVz Tenants: - We are the Ops that Devs enjoy working with. - Frameworks are a dime a dozen. DevOps is the framework for dealing with frameworks. - We don't need a distributed system to observe our distributed system ... yet. - Configuration management tools were built upon the foundation of strong command line skills. - We make technology decisions on the needful rather than the new and shiny. - We work together with other departments in the Org. We do not work for any other dept. - One step ahead or just in time most of the time. Able to rise to any occasion when motivated.