Good morning, any pointers for the CKA exam? Any h...
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Good morning, any pointers for the CKA exam? Any help it would be precious!
Hi Themis, I passed CKA a while ago and things might have changed but I have tried to document my learnings at . I also created some practice tests that could be useful -
The one source that most people in my network used to get there is
I have already taken this course😁😁😁
But I haven't finishit.
Because of my limited time
You should be good to go then, if you finished the course and also completed the included test exams a few times 🚀
Thank you for the help
Thank you @Prabhat Sharma for the response. I will check those to
Thanks @Prabhat Sharma, those look quite good
Seconding Mumshad's course. I used it to pass both the CKA and CKAD. Since both are about speed, you should keep doing the practice tests until you can do them perfectly quickly.
After that, I used to do a final round of test prep. They are a couple of extra practice exams, with each question on the harder end. Once you can do those perfectly, then you are likely good to go.
Just fyi that you only have the cluster for 36 hrs so you should only do it once you are done with all other studying (you have to pay, not free, but well worth it in my opinion)
@Eleanor Millman this info is very useful 👍
The difficulty for me is the lack of time for studying. So I try to be very organized in order to succeed to the exam. The time is very limited
That's definitely tough. Unfortunately, the CKAD/CKA rewards fast recall of commands, which of course is best built by lots of practice. But to your point, being organized can help. Good luck!
Thank you!!! I am positive. After all the trip counts not the destination!